The Sales Monitor 2

@SpaceStockFootage said, more upload, more earning :rofl:

70% loss from April 2021.
Similar to 2013 earnings when I had only timelapses priced 5$ and 50% commission.
I didnt know that time travelling was a thing :joy:

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:rofl: :rofl:

If you check @Wesual portfolio, you will notice that all 8 new items were uploaded between 21-28 April. And before that, the upload was made only on 4 October 2021.
I would wait 2 months before making any conclusions.

OK, lets wait 2 more months. We have plenty of time…

you are right

I find it very interesting that April started quite good but after the 23th it is like a power shutdown exept 3 sales reversals.

Is it only me or this month (not to mention last month) is going from bad to worst? Really don’t know what’s going on with such sales drop last months🤦‍♂️


There is a huge drop in traffic compared with last year according to my google analytics, It seems Envato is focusing its marketing campaigns on Elements more than Videohive.


Sales hugh dropped. What happened Envato Marketing?


I’m wondering the same since this pandemic. Sales are very low.


Only 3 sales!
The previous two months ended with three sales. :broken_heart:
In the referral program, things are similar. :broken_heart:

In my case, Videohive sales are still a disaster and it’s really difficult to keep average Elements earnings also. I see other authors sales with the same problem. So it’s not just me, something is going on for sure, don’t know what it is, but something is happening here.


Same :disappointed:


Still alone :nauseated_face: only 3 sales! And in the affiliate program commissions missing!
Big stagnation for me.

Still bad sales for me on Videohive, like the other 3 previous months. Usually Elements saved these low Videohive sales, but now Elements hardly gets the average earnings or less :roll_eyes:


Eighteenth day of the month and I still have only 3 sales!
In the affiliate program commissions missing!

So, do you guys even have some sales? lucky people.
If someone is reading this thread considering if it’s worth starting, don’t do it. Save your time.