The Sales Monitor 2

Im nit talking about instagram. I am talking about projects that can be used as vertical videos. So that the sides does not contain important graphics when gets cut.

I still dont believe that elements makes such a big impact. Because many big projects are not available on Elements

I feel like envato is putting all effort into advertising elements only, while the marketplace lacks new potential buyers, they get targeted with the elements banner, meanwhile other platforms are constantly getting new features, redesigns, and more and more revenues very frequently.

Remember when they actually cared about their own birthday, creating birthday packs with awesome content and a good potential for authors to make a good extra money from it, or when they offered 100% of every sale as a celebration? Those days are gone, and I feel like the soul is leaving this place, become a desert…


I do not agree with your idea of ​​vertical video in terms of problems in envato. Envato suddenly made moves to affect sales. Remember A/B testing , Highlighting Bestsellers instead of New items. This has been the bottom for middle- and low-income writers here. They have already formed a bestseller team and formed their own brands by incorporating. For those who produce single projects like us, there is not much competition here because the other people you will compete with are not writers. Corporate companies. Maybe for envato this strategy has generated a lot of revenue or is a better move, but it has created a complete industry breakdown for us single writers. Absolutely 9 of the 10 best-selling projects on the page were projects produced either by Institutionalized people or by establishing a team. The problem created here is that writers who approach with individual creativity are now pushed aside in the market and people who demonstrate creativity as a corporate or team come to the fore.

I am not going to publish my big projects to elements. Not gonna happen.

Also I think elements is lacking premium category, like we have a standart subscribtion and there would be premium for projects that are 45-80$ … its just nonsense to make such projects available on elements with a standart subscribtion model.

Lets say we have a Premium subscription which is twice the price but huge packs and nice big items are available only with premium sub. Author gets much more for downloads of their items. Then it makes sense publish big items on elememts. Otherwise its just a steal.

I can simply produce shitloads of crap items and spam it to Elements. Envato is writing itself a death sentence with such business model…

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If this happens, then definitely Videohive won’t exist anymore, I’m not saying that would be good or bad for everybody, just an opinion.

It will because the only way to get items to elements is to upload To videohive. But Well otherwise videohive will exist but will be spammed with logos and sliders and fast low quality intros. Because in elements you earn with quantity not quality.

I’m just curious, does anybody knows. We have commission tears on VH, the more you sell (closer to elite) the more you earn (Envato takes less cut from your commission). But does this affect earnings on elements?

Big doesn’t mean premium, and small doesn’t mean crap. Yes, it definitely two different types of items and each of them requires different strategy for “delivery”. For small ones - Elements is a way to go. For big one - no, better to divide big project on small parts and then upload on Elements.
So for big project you need to find another place. And what is most important you NEED to invest on marketing. Without it, you take a big risk. The days when you get customers on Videohive from nowhere are almost gone.

No, your earnings on EE are the same, whether you are non-exclusive or exclusive Elite on VH.

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