The Sales Monitor 2


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14th of July and the earning still way off the average, which indicates July will be the worst of the worst if the game didn’t change in the next 15 days…I’m waiting for more sales in the next few days as I’m a very optimistic person even in the worst cases :sunglasses: BE COOL AND WAIT FOR SALES


We are all optimistic, but it’s real collapse from some reason.


elements for me going up videohive going down …

Yep, code as well…

From what I see visits are very low, maybe because of Summertime who knows at this point…

The earnings this month are still the worst of the worst. :cry:


Scary :slight_smile:


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Sales number is frozen :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


wow from 1800$ to 100$ no words. Good luck guys


I think this was done on purpose. :smiley:

I think they should at least explain the reason for this bad course, yes, we are aware of changes such as viruses, disasters and the sector. But they should tell us that it went bad for some reason. Because hundreds of writers who think like me are worried about sending new projects.

That’s what i’m saying, but no one trust me…

It’s their part of the plan miseld. all authors diverted to elements right now.

If everyone would be diverted to elements we would see massive income increase from elements. But I see only decrease in elements and huge decrease in videohive. Videohive is like 50-60% gone… in a month. Never ever happened before

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It was said that authors are diverted to elements, not buyers. More authors on elements means less earnings for everyone on elements.


I have a massive drop this month… It’s kinda weird and I don’t know what is the reasons.

Ok. I’m going to ruin your party, guys. My average earnings (3 month period) increased by 59% in comparison with the same period of the previous year. For both sites. For Market separately increase is about 17%.


I think you are in the wrong thread my friend. This is the Sales Monitor. We don’t have good news here.

Please see yourself out


For sure that not all the authors are the same but this is my first time having this massive drop in earnings :persevere:

Commenters are supposed to feed theories, not to crush…

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