The Sales Monitor 2

No, the last 2-3 days of sale are minimal :unamused:


on its way to the 29% drop as predicted.



29=42.91 misel-math?

I can’t reveal earnings data but that is the difference between January and February in percents at this moment.

my new record 16 days no sales - Elements ok :slight_smile:


exactly, “at this moment”.

On every 1st of the month I have a 100% drop in earnings. Gives me a heartattack every time.

Your Graph looks like it will end up to ~30% drop when adjusted for the 3 day difference between Jan and Feb.

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Which is still bad, btw.

Ti to ozbiljno? :joy:

za ozbiljno :slight_smile:

26-2-2021- 20-09-25


This is the worst month for the lifetime In videohive

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I can report ~30% drop in market sales and earnings if I compare full 4 weeks in January with 4 full week in February. I have one template almost ready to upload, so I’ll see how that will effect my sales.

Does anybody know is elements “free trial” permanent now, or they are still testing?

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Not that bad, but last year was ~30% better

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why you don’t have link to your portfolio…

You can find it manually:)

I don’t have time :slight_smile:

everybody like links… :slight_smile:

But you had time to post 2 comments :wink: