The Sales Monitor 2


Why are you taking his thoughts as negative. So he has his portfolio in elements. and he is not getting what he is expected from it. He have freedom of expression to make like you do on everyone’s comment. May be you are getting good amount of money now. We all have that once. When your sales start falling then you say the same.


Bro trust me. I love envato more than you do. If they are making changes user interface and we don’t like it. Its fine it wont hurt anyone. But the way envato is doing changes to the websites us hurting the income of our authors. Trust me i was contacted by the every competitor. And i never see out of envato once. And i never felt wrong about it. I felt first time how things are changing in envato is not good for us authors.


All authors should listen to bruce lee, be water guys :smile:

From now we know that all new items will not get so much visitors like before :disappointed_relieved: We need to flow with these changes unless Envato team do something about it.:slightly_frowning_face:


Had a really good week after my new item came out. Probably my best week this year, yet.


Last week was around 20% drop compare to my average week. This week started good, let’s see how it will end


For me, sales have stopped (


Average sales but still not even one from USA this month.


In Any situation I get around 30-35% sales from US

How it was with US sales for you before?




really strange


I can’t find any feedback on new category page design from TF authors - are there any improvements for new items or not? Mb anyone saw some posts on this topic?


Its A/B Test , someone see it and someone not 50/50 i guess. For me its visible on Mobile and not on my PC


I see it from my Laptop, but question is about TF Authors feedback about new items sales


Element made so what our new and old works turn into garbage if you look how many in a week you laid out new works and how many it is bought?, you will understand that Element of all kills… For us authors, it will be the tragedy… I can it is not right?).
Personally at me, sales of-70% fell at once because became here so ($ From 16.50/m) on Elements…


There are lots of reasons, but for me sales are the same with same items on elements. These days problem with new default sorting method


there is no chance of getting new projects to popular items section or trending due to default sorting. I hope they are finding another way to bring more sales to authors. I don’t like the way that element model works. Other Marketplaces only selling limited amount of projects for subscription model. But unlimited projects for such a small amount. I don’t understand how envato make profits using this method. But I want to hear theme forest authors voice about this.I really want to know How it’s turned for them. Because it was started with themeforest and graphicriver


My items are selling on both Elements and Videohive nothing changed since I joined elements, but what is changed now, my sales pattern has changed completely with the new best selling category, I have published new 3 items during the category experiments, and all of them are barely get sales. I’m not going to work on new items until Envato find a solution for this, that’s made feel that I’m working for nothing :disappointed_relieved:


To bring more sales to new items Envato should get back newest item sorting. New category page layout will not give so much exposure, because 100% of views that we had before will be divided to small parts.
For us there is only one way to get everything back, it’s not uploading new items any more. In February we uploaded 240 AE items per week, today it’s 149. So the process has already started.

As every subscription do. You can’t watch all content on Netflix during a month. You don’t listen all music available on Spotify. The word “Unlimited” is actually marketing trick. You have a limit, it’s your time. You do not work 24/7, you sleep, eat, rest, while subscription suck your money. How many content can you produce withing a month? How much money will you get from this content? All those things have limits. So you need constantly work to make any money and pay for subscription, while Envato just suck money from you.

UPD: LOL, they took away my “Amazing Forum Superstar” badge. :rofl:


Unless you are a pirate.


Good point. But as practice shows, there are more than enough people who are ready to pay money. Nobody can say that Netflix is a poor company.