The Sales Monitor 2

Horrible month, even worsh than really bad June.
The funny thing is that my rank remain unchanged so I am guessing more people are on the same boat.
New projects have no exposure and no sales so the only road that makes sense seems to be Elements.


Yes, all my new items have very very low sales, but the old items are selling well

I probably shouldn’t complain because I am relatively new and I have really 3 projects that considered good. But usually i at least sell 1 item per month but this month I have no sales. Probably because its summer.

But this is sales monitor and I want to share it.

Compare this June To last year’s June - I will have around the same number of sales. But earnings are 40-50% higher this year. Overall June is slow but in level of seasonality.
October-November will show us real numbers

Looks like I will end up another 10% lower sales than June, which is already lowest in multi years.
Many more multi year lows yet to come

He’s comin’, he’s comin’
He’s here have no fear
Visitors are back
Client is here


…But still no sales! :rofl::sweat_smile:

Off-topic. If somebody accidentally missed news

Design Tests For VideoHive Category Pages


Yeah? Really? and did you check your refferals? Maybe visitors are from warez sites and torrent forums :smiley:

That dark blue is direct visits, all the others are lighter colors including organic search, referrals, etc


Yes, really.

Imagine to download gigabytes of ProRes footage from those sites. :rofl:



I don’t know how it’s possible to have such a drop in past 2 years?
What’s wrong with the system?
More items = less sales is it possible?


It’s simple.
3 years ago there were 35,444 AE items. And you had 181 VH items.
Today there are 58,700 AE items. And you have 210 VH items.

Market has grown by ~66% in 3 years. While your portfolio has grown by ~16%.
3 years ago your VH items were equal to ~0.5% of market.
Today your VH items are equal to ~0.36% of market. It’s 30% drop.

Your graph correlates with my calculations.


plus more time goes - more invaluable old items become.

I am breaking my own record of low sales often now a days

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Guys, I’m totally new as you can see (even though I know of VideoHive for about 7-8 years) and I have only one project with of course 0 sales. Honestly, do you think it’s worth it? Should I invest my time, really? The success on these platforms seems almost impossible for new fish like me, I guess I’ll have to work (preferably in a team) on some huge package for couple of months in order to make some buck. Or I’m seeing it wrong?

Here is the best comparison: today and 3 years ago.
Top New Authors page shows how much sales new authors have (who created account during a month).

As you see it’s not the best time to join the club. But with good skills, it doesn’t matter you are new or not.


It seems same situation for all VH authors. Perhaps in near future we should find another job.:pensive:

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yes my friend i am looking another job & i am planing to visit middle east country to do full time job.
Videohive Trend is over now NO sales…since last year…Market is Down…


Envato is everywhere :slight_smile:

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Free content is always a good thing, thanks for sharing.

Well, I used to earn X dollars each month on VideoHive. Last year my earnings decreased, now I receive X/2 dollars. But! I’ve entered Elements in early 2019, and both VideoHive and Elements gives me X*2, so now Envato gives me more than ever, and I can’t say that sales are low for me.