The Sales Monitor 2

In general good sales until July 4. Since then, 3 unique sales. Holiday period! Enjoy the summer guys!:surfing_man:

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I’ve encountered some strange sales patterns over the years, but this one takes the cake. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a perfect U curve to customer behavior! Should be interesting to see how this month’s chart shapes up.


At least it shows small heart beat :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! That’s good news.

Last few days sales are back to normal for me. A couple years ago sales were almost same from day to day, from month to month. Now sales are very unstable and unpredictable, one month you have nothing to eat and next month you could buy a car :slight_smile:

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A toy car?)


Hi there,
does anybody know what kind of changes happend that the sales are now so low?


I also trying to figure out what happens? ~30% of average earnings is missing…

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Did you signup on other platform recently? My sales are from record high (last month), to record low (this month) 1 sale only 10d ago.

My “fun fact” today is “my last sale was 13 days ago”. I really can´t believe it. I have not a huge number of sales, but I used to have sales every week, sometimes less, sometimes more, but sales every week. And now I don´t know what happened 13 days ago, looks like somebody pushed the famous “stop sales button” for me this time hahaha! Anyway I´d like to cry instead of laughing. I have some good traffic in several items of mine, but 0 sales.


My items are 4th day in review queue (when it claims 1d) so i think they just took a holidays :slight_smile: Relax and enjoy the summer.

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Worst summer ever. Almost stop.

My God!!!
Nothing is more terrible than this summer. :worried:Six days went by and there was no sales. Before that, there were sales almost every day.

Maybe sales happen is just We who can`t see them due to some kind of bug?! Do we have some sort of representative ? As noone from envato team is posting up here anything.

Ohhhh, 1 sale right now after 13 days of nothing haha! Will it be the only one for a long time or there will be many more to come? (I hope for the second option :pray:)

I have sales every day. Lesser than usual but still ok for July

I thin that you are just driving traffic my friend, stop do that.
Just stop guys check his profile, what he is doing - is spamming google search engine, and google search engine working - how much profile / item page visited and its upping from search result.
So every (good sales) report…
GL in future my friend with your each day sales!

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Sales really bad, but there another problem, new files has no visitors, as 1-2 years ago we had 300-500 visitors per day, now new files has 30-50, and 80-90% of them from Russia, Ukrain and India, as a result just authors monitoring marketplace. My opinion is all ad running for top files and elements only.

lets all upload our files to elements and see how much can earn DREAMYARD_Visuals and another guys that contributing elements and reporting for good earning.

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I write here for more page visits?)) lol :joy:
That’s why I don’t have direct link to my page from forums :slight_smile:

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Couldn’t resist asking. How that graph shaped later? :nerd_face: