The Sales Monitor 2

One weird thing…can someone explain if I’m wrong… on my earnings on elements when I check after tax, its always price with -30%.
For Europeans that live in countries that don’t have contract with USA, withhold tax is 30% and that’s ok
but it looks like customers on elements are only Americans. Have I missed something?
btw analytics on videohive item doesn’t work, spins all the time so u cant see who is watching your item on videohive anymore and like somebody said, I always have fixed income ± minor numbers no matter the upload.

Some kind of fun fact :wink:

But where is my $2k gone

Envato Market and Envato Elements Withholding Taxes apply differently. For element earnings, we pay Australian royalty withholding tax, not the USA.

You can learn more here.

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my graph looks almost identical, but it started in 2018 not 2019.
100% agree with everything you stated.
This new AI agreement that envato sent out yesterday should have every author worried.


Hi Guys,
I am selling my videohive profile with all the assets, if someone interested please let me know though my videohive profile.

Thank you

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Come on, for the one who are fed up about the overall situation. Take part of the talk and start some little action. Enough passivity and silence please

You’ve got some amazing projects in your profile! Why are you selling?

Now I am a full time worker and I don’t have time to upload templates, as I don’t upload templates sales are going down, so I thought to sell the account.

If someone interested to buy template wise then I am okay with that as well.

Good luck with that there bro.
Videohive, can freely say Envato is dead long time ago and when I said that 2 years back I only got negative and rude comments.

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Hello, I did not receive a satisfactory answer from customer service, so I no longer need a response from Envato. However, I would like to ask other users now. Has anyone experienced that their revenue on Elements does not increase, or only increases minimally, despite uploading several new items and having good sales (statistic on elements) for those new files?


Easy, customers have the ability to download unlimited files on Element.
You need either hundreds of new files, thousands of new files, or make a new VERY high demand file.
That is the only way you’ll increase Element income.

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Let me give you an example. I uploaded a fairly simple file. It’s really simple; I’ve done much more complicated ones than this. This new file brought in $90 between 0 and 16 May. That’s considered a lot. The reason I’m writing is that in the past months, I uploaded around 14 new files, and instead of the total monthly income increasing by 14x$90 (1260$ or ok, avg 800$) it decreased by $9 or increased +9$. Irrelevant.

So maybe these are interchangeable items that have become competitive with each other? The customer now has a great choice, but still buys one item.

Market is completely frozen. No sales since July 1st, nothing, zero


Not a single sale since the beginning of the month

1 sale this month :smiling_imp:

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huh. there is a time when you get some extended sales and you payout doubled. those golden days. memories

0 sales so far on VH this month :skull:


Same, and I dont expect to get above the $50 for payout by end of the month. Its the first time in 10 years. This is somehow worse when I only had my first item and I still made more sales.

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