The Sales Monitor 2

Sales slowed for me from day 1, overall last month was good, this still without sales.

Lowwww sales :unamused: happy beginning :face_with_head_bandage:

I didn’t get any bonus from elements this month, don’t know why :confused: (added 2 items last 30 days)

The start of the week was allright. Except that for no reason i can`t get to sleep. Maybe Too much coffee? :smiley:

It isn’t calculated yet and as for Elements things, please, write on Elements forum

Yes, that is a browser extension named “Dashboard Plus”

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1 sale this week

Average week so far, lil bit slower than October weeks

i get 404 error when clicking this google link

Few sales this week. Disaster.

You have earned $48.99
You have sold 4 items

nothing to be happy (this week)

2 accounts here. Over 10 days withouth a single sale!
Rejections here have become awful. On the other hand It can be seen, on first page, a lot of clips with almost 0 camera move - I mostly got rejections because of 0 camera move. Well?


More than 30 templates and no sales in 12 days!


It happens… It looks like when sales pop, it pops for everyone. For me slow sales, low EE (-20% compared to last month)

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It looks so. And it seems that it is not helpful uploading 20% more clips or items, to stay on same level. :wink:

this is The Sales Monitor 2 for Videohive or Elements - I’m confused :slight_smile:


Originally for VH. EE should be discussed in EE brunch.

p.s. November goes as good as October on both platforms xd

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It seems that it has entered an infinite loop. This situation has appeared many times this year. I haven’t sold it for a week, just like a sudden power outage. But if there is a sudden sales day, there will be sales for a while. My observation is like this. But I don’t know when the day will come. There is no doubt that this is a problem with the sales platform, but I don’t know what it is.:fearful:

Everyone’s sales are very bad, I feel that you are always an exception, how do you do it?:grinning:

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My sales this week start like the previous week, very bad. I hope it improves by the end of the week. Anyone else with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of low sales and then improve until the end of the week? A strange pattern for me. Good luck guys with sales.:clap: