The sad reality ( item/pack sale )

It’s worth composing to get this ridiculous gain

I made a ticket and AJ explained it to me.

Fun fact

Your last sale was $24 about 14 hours ago.

This is the truth

My last sales was $4.80​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

For 5 tracks!!!


So with that in mind, let’s take a look at your recent sale h

So we sell for $24

What are you complaining about? You set your own price. I agree though, $24 for five tracks is indeed ridiculous.


Competition makes you have to lower prices to sell something

If my song cost $100 and I got for the sale only 20 would also seem ridiculous.

80% is abusive

If you song were priced at $100 you would get $44 as a non-ex author. Yes, though it’s far from 80%, this rate is abusive. The non-ex deal Envato offers is unacceptable.
As an exclusive author you would get between $60 and $84.

Packs have a higher fixed fee than tracks, that’s why you’re getting so little. Set a realistic price fro your pack and you’ll earn a better “commission”.