The route a successful track takes?

An obvious question but I wondered what route a potential top track takes…

Does it initially get a quick 20 sales which causes it to appear on the weekly best sellers page, which is then listened to by a much bigger audience, and then it goes from there?

Or does it take a different route to get exposure?

As I haven’t produced a good seller (yet :wink:) I was just curious?

Yep, well it can vary of course from track to track, but yes, that’s the general effect of it. Besides “quick launchers” there’s also the “late bloomers”, tracks that may lay dormant for months but then suddenly feature in a popular video or template.

The route to the top of the Popular Files is actually kind of straight forward and decently fair (unless of course someone is scheming to purchase his/her own items). The current problem, however, is how tracks rarely move from that page.

The Popular Files page is, in conjunction with search, very “sticky” (as I discuss in length here ) and it’s perpetually biased towards the most popular genres (for which I present a hypothetical workaround here).

That’s basically why there are some tracks that sell in the thousands, jam the system, and significantly lessen the probability of other potential top tracks to gain top exposure.

Good luck! :sunglasses:


Thanks for the reply.

I agree that although good tracks are found there, the popular files page seems like a gateway to success, which is difficult to get exposure on in the first place.

The “late bloomers” you mentioned - if a track is features in a top video, I assume the track details will be in the description, but will the video producer always guarantee that?

How can we find where our tracks are used?

Not likely, but if someone hears and likes the track they may be able to find it anyway.

It’s not easy. Soundizer scans VideoHive. Having a ContentID partner, like AdRev, helps to keep track on YouTube. You may also use TuneSat for broadcast and SoundExchange for Internet radio. Sometimes the invoices contain clues. Sometimes buyers will let you know. Sometimes friendly authors will.

It’s a game of chance :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile: