The reviewer cannot see my demo URL

I had just uploaded my first item in about a week and half ago. But the reviewer said:

LIVE DEMO NOT ACCESSIBLE: A full review cannot be performed at this time - please check your live demo URL and resubmit

My demo URL is and I can open it in my browser

I had resubmitted with a new URL but the reviewer replied “Live demo is still just a blank white page”, then I changed the demo URL again to the first URL again.

I had also changed the server config to allow my URL to load in iframe, but once again the reviewer replier “Your demo is still not loading - blank white page”.

It is already the third submission of my item.

That’s really weird, both links work fine for me.

The demo link is working for me :slight_smile:

Have you checked if it’s allowed to be placed in an iFrame? Somehow I think that he checked it in the Envato iFrame where on top the buy product button is.

Check if cross origin is set correctly.

Just because the URL is correct and the page is up in the browsers doesn’t mean it’s allowed to be set in an iFrame.

Yes, I have tested to load both URLs in iframe.

This is for the URL that uses https:

And I have tested the demo URL that uses http here:

For starters, you should have some HTML on that page telling users to enable JavaScript to see the demo. When I disable JS it’s a blank white screen.

Thank you