The Review Process Has Become a Joke

Just been soft rejected and one of the reasons was that my theme doesn’t have a retina logo. Really? Does WP support retina and I don’t know? What if I don’t have a retina screen? Is this a joke?

Also, 5 different reviewers reviewing my theme each with his own subjective thinking. One says do this and the other says don’t do this. This is getting so frustrating.

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Im 100% agree with you. There should be some rules about reviewing process. It should check each item first reviewer until gets approve. Otherwise author will give up to make new items for marketplace. Also in marketplace still some items doesnt support retina resolution and gots approve. All depends of reviewer computer :slight_smile:
good luck mate

Yeah buddy. Actually we are getting so many frustrating review recently. :disappointed_relieved:

Consider you lucky to get a soft reject. The WP review process has been always with serious problems and I posted many times this.

Now they extremely restricted the themes published and get approved is very hard. Now it’s more a matter of lucky.

Also, I know it is like talking to a wall but I needed to cool myself down. I have almost 20 soft rejects. Last one had 4 items to fix but now comes a new reviewer and changes to 20 things. Most of them vert subjectively.

They are rejecting the newly submitted Theme just in 20 mins only.