The review is a little slow

I don’t know how many templates envato’s review team has to review every day, but it seems that the review is a little slow, why it is usually two or three days after I upload it.

the queuing time is longer than 1 week / 10 days ago …

Hello, you can follow the review schedule here

Hello my friend If this solution press the solution box,Because I will take the badge,Thank You.

A template was uploaded and waited for two or three days, and then it was rejected, and then it was modified, and then it was uploaded again, and then it waited for two or three days, and then it could not be uploaded successfully for a week…

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Hi, my friend, for the rejection, this is something that every author faces on this platform. As for the number of days you can check this table, the envato administration has a lot of elements to review as it has prepared this table to give you a little patience and do not despair. I have succeeded in this platform, continue to download and do not despair of the large number of rejection is a natural thing facing all the authors on this platform, please if that solution or if it is useful, click on the solution box, with greetings

Thank you very much for your reply. I am not complaining about the rejection of the template. Quality control is necessary for the long-term development of a platform. I just think it would be better if the audit could be done quickly.

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