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Hi @yafitmogi

Your screenshot features are for this market

and ‘the hanger’ theme not included there mean unlimited download subscription

So if you need the ‘the hanger’ theme then you can purchase from here



She is just asking if the theme is included in Elements. Why do you keep on answering every questions asked on the forums when you obviously have serious trouble understanding them?


yessssssssss :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


He had a good intention …
thank u all :slight_smile:


No, you are not able to unlimited download.


HI @yafitmogi

the theme not exist in Elements



Hello @unlockdesign,

This is Adrian from GetBowtied. co-author of The Hanger. I can confirm that the theme is available on only:
and is not available on the Envato Elements site.



Maybe they removed from their element account.