The relationship between sales and upload ratio

Some thoughts for newbies about the relationship between sales and upload ratio.

Personal facts:

  • I’m an author on AudioJungle since 6 years ago.
  • 94 songs published as exclusive author (one more on queue).
  • I had achieved most things people would like to get here: awards, featured author, featured song, badges, interview, etc
  • Most people I know or chat about my work asking them for feedback, love my music or think is good enough to be successful.
  • I can’t work full-time (my main job is as front-end designer)
  • Upload rate average: 1 song / month (last 3 months haven’t upload anything due personal reasons)
  • Only 574 sales to date
  • No sales in the last month


  • The only way get a decent amount of sales here, in a constant basis, is by uploading constantly new and good music (or whatever you do here). Unless you have a very notorious HIT (like Tim Mcmorris, soundroll or any top elite author) that boost your sales and your portfolio to top charts for a long time.
  • If you don’t upload ALL the time MANY songs you will be forgotten in the infinite number of new items each day.
  • Is discouraging being buried for new songs/authors that, with a very few items, with similar quality than my music get more sales in two months than I’ve got in 6 years.
  • Full time is probably the only way to achieve that rate of uploads.
  • Awards and recognitions are not important (on sales).
  • The new tax system does this place even more difficult to achieve something for someone like me.

Just my two cents.