The Rejected Without Any Proper Reason, Kindly help me.

Hey, Can you please suggest me a better reason for my theme rejection. As TF didn’t have any proper reason to explain their rejection decision.

Theme link:


+Placing English Text on rtl direction is not good practice and it looks off:

+The heading is cluttered and the hover effects seems outdated and abrupt:

+you need to increase visual hierarchy in this section:

+the underlined text below seems out of place and gives the look of chaos in the template

More importantly wordpress themes have higher standard if you take a look at the newest/trending themes you will see why this theme got rejected try to look at the details.

good luck


Nice try mate.
But you need to work on your spacing alignment and typography. I will suggest you to create something unique and appealing to eyes. Give attention to little things like font colors and sizes etc. on all devices. Your template first look is not competing with market quality at all. Keep checking quality standard over the market and keep improving.

@scriptsbundle Thanks for the reply.

Hello, @SlieoBaghouri thanks for the detailed review. I am looking forward to fix these issues.