The reason of hard rejection

I’ve been working on my theme for more than 3 weeks and today I got hard rejected
could anyone give me feedback
And another question is can I upload it again if I upgrade it ?

I am confused., you worked only three weeks on this theme?

Thanks For your reply
the ui designs are familiar and it was ready
the theme backend also was ready because we used much our previous projects code
and thanks to page builders that help us do our works in the fastest time possible
but yet you didn’t answer my question
Why do you think it has been hard rejected ?

I am not an expert but I don’t undersand this theme, what is it for, feels to me that there is no consistency between pages, I literally don’t know in what scenario I could use this theme.

I apologize but this is what I believe.

Hopefully other experienced authors can help you.

Thnaks again for taking your time and your feedback
Thats exactly what I’m thinking about
We should make theme for specific subject and it should be clear for anyone the purpose of product.
I’m making some changes hope this time it would not be rejected