The Race to the Bottom in Numbers...

So this is what the race to the bottom looks like, that a lot of people feared when ADP was announced on VideoHive. I’ve taken the data purely from the stock footage category, as there was a lot less variability in prices on there.

So about 1% of items stayed at the same price they were before ADP, or were reduced from the price they were before ADP. Around 2.37% of items have been reduced from the imposed increase to $10… and 97.44% have stayed at $10 or had their price increased.

$4 - 62 (0.013%)
$5 - 86 (0.019%)
$6 - 306 (0.068%)
$7 - 432 (0.096%)
$8 - 4,442 (0.991%)
$9 - 6,070 (1.354%)
$10 - 232,130 (51.79%)
$11+ 204,604 (45.65%)

Full disclosure: the numbers are exact, based on search results by price, but they’re not broken down by resolution or if there are multiple clips in a pack (That would be far too much work!)… which would have meant they were more than $10 before the change. So it’s possible a $25 4K clip may have been reduced to $10 which makes it look like it belongs in the ‘hasn’t been reduced’ results when it has… if that makes sense?! 4K content makes up 25% of items, just so you know.

No comments on what people should or shouldn’t be pricing their items at please… I’m just presenting the figures. Do with them as you please.

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