the quality standard ??!! 🤬

Why do you refuse me? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

everyone was rejected. if you can solve the envato language, everything will be fine :grinning:


Help :weary:

What did you submit? Demo link?

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With respect this is a long way off the necessary standard with errors throughout around fundamentals like typography and hierarchy.

Copy paste section and example example example content is lazy and feels unfinished

Most importantly what this?

You are an exclusive author so selling items elsewhere is not allowed and ripping them off other sites is even worse


I have not copied a site!.. Why was my script denied?.. would you explain this to me clearly?

If it’s not copied then how come yours is identical down to the incons as that other site except that theirs has regular content where yours has “example” copy?

Can I make and send videos when I do the site? … I guess I don’t have another way… you don’t believe me

If it’s your site then you need to speak to the people who own that other site and make sure that you have been paid for it.

Either way, the design, and execution are a long way from being ready for here and the code does not validate.

I am afraid you won’t get detailed feedback from reviewers or community when there is so much that needs changing.

You should evaluate big selling items already on the marketplaces which will give you more of an idea of the quality, attention to detail and scale of what is needed.

FYI based on your other threads - if review times etc. frustrate you that much then this probably is not a very good place for you to be looking to sell items. Success here requires respect, commitment and is not an overnight or quick-win solution.


Then help me. What do I need to do when coding?

This is a professional marketplace - no one is going to be able to teach you how to code or design.

As we said - look at popular items for an indication of the standards that envato require


A sentence to be the philosophy of life :slight_smile:


You misunderstood me… I’m talking about rules… but you are talking about apple…

I know how to make the site. I want to learn how you accept…

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Why is this not accepted?
didn’t you like the name?
I don’t understand what your problem is

If you have a problem with me, say to me…

Waiting 10 days and finally the answer, no.
What kind of a job is this?

Now I’m mad at myself
who will give back my lost time?

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For clarity I am not a reviewer and do not work for envato. You asked for feedback which is all we are offering - it’s not personal

I appreciate getting rejected will be frustrating but you need to understand how marketplaces like this work.

Envato get thousands of submissions a month and asking for people to wait a few days for review is actually very reasonable, and there is no way they could (or should) reply in detail to everyone.

There are no ‘rules’ to submission, except that items need to be

  • Premium quality
  • Original
  • Well executed (design, code, UX etc.)

The first link (website) has numerous issues, but, both this and the second one (the sign-up form), unless I am missing something, lack premium features, functionality or quality.

Why would someone pay money for them over the numerous freebie items online?


I’am still curious about the site charlie4282 mentioned
what is this? is this yours?

Another one who did something fishy and expect to become rich over night.

Иди на…