The quality standard required - what needs to be corrected.

Hello. I don’t understand what the problem is? So it’s written “the quality standard required”. Tell me please, what needs to be corrected. I don’t have a website. You can see - GIF

Too much inconsistency. Free, VIP and Premium all look like different fonts. VIP looks like the text is the same colour as the bar at the bottom, but the other two looks close but quite different. The Free and VIP have curved edges to the left and not the right… for some reason the Premium one has curved edges on the left and the top right, but not the bottom right. The icons looks too lightweight, when everything else looks relatively chunky. The shield next to verified is not aligned with the centre of the infinity symbol above. The eye next to hidden ads is smaller in the VIP box than it is in the Premium box even though the text is the same size in both. The hidden ads icon is below the cross bar in the H in the Premium box and above the cross bar in the VIP box. The dollar value looks pretty much centre aligned in the VIP box but too far to the right in the Premium box. Not a fan of the raised numbers for the cents.

For something so simple, everything should be perfect, but this feels rushed with a lack of attention to detail. Even if you fix all those things, it might still get rejected… is it unique and premium enough to get approved?


Understood. Thank you very much for the help.

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Hello! Does not help… All clean in HTML and CSS, what’s the problem? I don’t understand anything… Please more.

Typography is not good es. as @SpaceStockFootage mentioned the different fonts

With respect, there are lots of free download son line that are better. There has to be premium value.

Look what you are up against e.g. this - multiple features and functionality, styling, code generator etc.