The promotion ended earlier than expected

Hello, I was going to buy three plugins with discount today (ultimate membership pro, ultimate affiliate pro, ultimate learning pro), but it looks like the March promotion ended too soon (I thought the promotion would be active for the whole month of March). Is there any possibility to extend the promotion? If this is not possible, can you tell me when the plugins will be on sale again? Thanks in advance, Bernardo

Looks like whomever set everything up forgot that there is 31 days in March instead of 30, the free items of the month are unavailable as well.

Timings/dates are based on Melbourne where envato is from.

Unfortunately there’s no way of knowing of/when plugins will be discounted as authors have the rights to alter their pricing as they wish, and it’s unlikely that the same items would be in more than one official sale.

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I’m sad, I only wanted to buy the plugins after reading and testing all their features, and I thought I would still have the chance to do so today. I didn’t notice that the reference time is from Australia. If there’s no way to get the discount again, postponing the purchase is better. It’s best to compare the available plugins for the features I need, and then I buy one at a time, as required. Anyway, next time, I know it’s better not to leave things for the last day.