The product was rejected but did not say the problem needs improvement

First of all, thank you for reviewing our product, but I received an email of rejection but didn’t tell me any reason for me to improve our product.
Demo page:
Admin login page:

I will be happy to hear from you

It looks good. Tell me what is better Wordpress?
I want to say this is an article management system?

yes, this product is written in laravel and anyone who knows about laravel can expand it,
In particular we provide methods on CRUD, permissions, themes, plugins … and many of them are free, and especially we focus on security and speed, SEO …

In the future we are developing a version dedicated to e-commerce using mongodb …

Our products are being used for big websites for banks and multinational manufacturers

article is just a CRUD application, you can completely expand it into products, countries, … without having to rebuild …

Can anyone help me?

I don’t know how to help you.
Your product looks good. There are small errors, but in general this does not affect the decision.
I think the reviewer was guided by the idea that this is just simple CMS such as WordPress. There are many similar products here on market and on github. Your item does not contribute anything new.
This is my opinion and I could be wrong.

I used to use wordpress on my first websites and it actually had some difficult issues to solve, so I started the idea of ​​building a cms using laravel framework and most customers Feel satisfied with it. My product responds well because people are familiar with wordpress,

Some people confuse my cms with wordpress and I’m happy with that, they say that my product is similar to wordpress and look forward to the next updates.

I built this CMS for laravel lovers and so I looked at some of the existing laravel CMS on the market and I think my product is better, I am trying to build a set of documents to Developers can grow bigger.

Now I need a platform for me to sell my products and focus on developing new things around this CMS. I think envato is the most reasonable.

Anyway, thank you very much, hope to receive your comments