The problem with complaints about copyright infringement on referral channels on YouTube

Hey administration and colleagues! Please answer the question:
whether the violation of the rights of the author placing his Videopreview of Project on YouTube with referral links on the project itself?
I think the answer is “There is no copyright violation here” but some authors make a strikes on refereals channels on YouTube, after that the channels will banned!
I talked with one of the authors complained and he said he was doing it deliberately!

Creation of a referral channel takes hundreds of hours of work. We loading thousands of a videopreviews.
Protect us from such attacks otherwise referral link activity will lose any sense!


Wowww I never thought that Content ID system will hit the referral system hard. I think this one should be a thing for the music authors too. Otherwise the referral from youtube will slowly dying.

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When I first encountered my preview video on referral channel I was angry and it was mainly because I didn’t understood affiliation program and how it works. After digging deeper I was glad that someone beside me put preview of my project on youtube with links to my project and credentials, in the end it working for both.

So, maybe some authors have their own youtube channel which they are trying to grow and that is one of the reasons to be angry with refferals cause it steals their traffic. Or maybe they just don’t understand how affiliate program works. If you really concerned with possible ban (I don’t think youtube will do it) simply add the line it description that this video is not your work and place link to VH author profile (with referral ofcourse =). :wink:

I agreed, it takes a lot of time and energy, and if they don’t want their video on the channel why not just send a message to the owner of the channel with their concern I’m sure he I’ll take down their video immediately or if there is any issue I’m sure it can be fixed by just talking. Also the more your item link is out there, the more chances you get for a sale, so if you have people that are uploading your video to YouTube and promoting your item for free Ii really don’t see what’s the problem here. When I got my item for the first time, like 5 people uploaded to youtube and was a bit concerned, but when I saw it was all going to my link it was the best feeling, I wish I had more people uploading my video and puting my link out there :slight_smile: .The program will slowly die on YouTube, bcz after you put so many videos, one strike it will almost take your channel down and while you are recovering from that one; you can get 2 in a row and Good Bye! You really have to be careful with the videos you upload specially the new authors they don’t know much about how the whole thing works. Still keep it up and get the best out of the referral program :wink: