The probationary period for track.

Why not make a script that will delete all tracks which have not been purchased for example in a month and call it “test rejected”. and give it to those tracks whose sound quality is satisfactory. My last “hard rejected” “Not commercial enough”.

There are tracks that are bought in a year, if it hangs with zero. Some items need to “rest” :slight_smile:

I’m talking about it. if my track got “hard rejected” he will rest forever, “test rejected” gives a chance for the music. how many sales to recoup 10,50,100 sales? if the track has reached the desired result, it remains in the store, if not, deleted. :wink:

Well, if my track does not fit into most of the audio AJ formats, and does not have sales under a standard license in the next month, but it can be bought at the maximum in a year (for example) because it’s really quality, but has life, Say, in a movie, rather than advertising - it turns out that he has no right to exist? It seems to me absurd a little. Reviewers do not just make a decision about Hard Rejected, they are based on the quality and commercial viability of the track. This should not upset, but on the contrary - should give impetus to the development of their skills.

Do not justify your failure at the expense of the results of the weaker. Row on the strongest, and everything will be fine.

I was not upset. I Express my ideas. bad ideas?

Unfortunately I think it is more one-sided.

In September 2016 I composed a track, one of my preferred tracks, and it was sold for first time in May 2017, under Mass Reproduction License. … I was very proud of it, and I thought that it was worth the wait!
I want not to change the current system, because if your track is not sold “over the first month”, it’s not about quality, it’s about process, time, opportunity and a lot of other things … only the curators can establish qualities and, of course, what track deserves to be here, and this means that there are some guys that they are doing a strict job, and they are selecting and allowing tracks to be part of this catalog.
Greetins and good luck with sales… soon or later!

Perhaps you misunderstood. I’m talking about the tracks hard rejected for “lack commercial value”. These tracks, I suggest to take for a certain period after which the system will decide (taking into account desired results, “sales”) to remove it, or to leave the store. there are many tracks that start selling the moment of being hit on the counter.

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aah ok!!
sorry, you are right, I misunderstood…
In this case I agree!

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I like your idea and the track is nice.

Sometimes I just don’t how they define the “commercial”. :grimacing:

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it’s a subjective issue… I agree to the idea to give to “potential hard rejectable tracks” a second chance… how to communicate this idea to AJ team?

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it is not possible, humanity is at a very low level of development. and it will take thousands of years before this will be possible. Only a “miracle” can help us.

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Well… I think we can always develop some kind of time machine and just use it… time is relative and we can do this with the appropiate attitude

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