The price policy is terrible !!!

The price policy is terrible, force us to quit this business, is this normal?


Why is the pricing policy terrible?

  1. Sales that are not for all users.
    2.There is no limit on minimum rates on the price.
    Some authors sell music for 5$. How to compete?
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Do not get too concerned with the $5 price tag. I have looked into this pricing level and played with the price on a regular track. I am at the top commission level 12.5% and so after the buyer and author fee has been deducted from the purchase price I would be left with $0.87. Does it make sense…of course not, do authors sell in the numbers to justify this pricing…I doubt it very much.
Want to compete? Don’t, just create something unique that others don’t or can’t do. (Awaiting now for the backlash - you may begin).

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Of course you are right, I understand you. But I can’t understand this pricing policy.

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