The price of the theme was in USD but when i pay it charged me the same with euros

Does anyone notice the same thing in their payments?? Sorry for my English

It will default to where you are located. Presumably you are in a European country. Unfortunately not possible to search through items in the local currency as it’s triggered further down the process

To be honest it was obvious, I don’t know why Harryroup didn’t think of it, you didn’t think of it yourself.

Yes it was obvious that it should be 57 euros instead of 63 but you didn’t answer to my question.

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I understand what you say but for example if i buy an item for 100 usd you charge me 100 euro instead of 90 don’t you think it is a little unfair? In any other platform that i used they adjust the exchange rate automatically.

The item price is without tax and service charges ( 2$ + VAT )
This could be the reason. You can check your invoice for the details

I am talking about after taxes of course

It should charge me 57 euros…Instead charged 63 euros . You can’t tell that fair play :sweat_smile:

I’m talking about current exchange rate between euro and usd…

Go to the link below and check the details

https:// themeforest . net/user/ YOURUSERNAME /statement

There should be an invoice there. If you still see the price as 63 EUR ( not 57 EUR ), contact Envato support first then your bank after. But I assume, there’s additional charges added to the total price but maybe the bank/payment method you’re using has different “exchange rates” or commissions

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Thank you for your time

If I buy an item in the UK then the US $ are recalculated as £. Same with elements etc - it does not mirror the cost in $ but in my local currency?

Does that not happen when you try to buy something?

As for VAT etc that has to be added at this stage because otherwise the preview stage of the item would need to be costs for each user as they see it which is impossible.

If you mean the $2 charge that’s just admin which pretty much every marketplace charges but they just encompass it to the cost rather than declaring it individually.