The people to thank for the new forums



Hey folks! There’s a few people who’ve worked tirelessly to get this project off the ground. If you can spare a moment, be sure to shout out your thanks to @natman @KingDog @scottwills @contrastblack and @guicookie

Not to mention all of our amazing beta testers and supporters!

They’ve put in a HUGE amount of work to get this place up and running and I reckon they’ve a pretty awesome job!

A round of applause is perhaps in order?


Thanks for your hard work! :bouquet:


Thanks for putting the work into these new forums! They’ll take a bit of getting used to but they’re a welcome change! Great work, guys! :slight_smile:


@natman @KingDog @scottwills @contrastblack @guicookie Excellent work guys! Just test driving it and loving it already! :thumbsup:

Whilst I’m here, just wondering where to turn to get my forum account corrected? According to my forum badges I’m a level 3 author, level 1 affiliate - when in reality I’m a level 8 author, level 7 affiliate! Think it may be linked to an old account?


Awww thanks Matt!

Do you have multiple accounts with the same email address? That could definitely be causing an issue. If you don’t, I’ll add it to our forum quirks list :slight_smile:


Thanks Travis, you’ve just solved it in one! Indeed, same email address on my old account. :blush:

I’ve changed the email address on my old Envato account, so will my forum profile revert to the correct badges? Or have I just made things worse?!

Edit: Not to worry, they’ve just appeared! Now I feel complete! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the new forum :smile: :+1:


Thank you!Although the forum it is in kind of a “beta test”. By the way, I deserve a Beta Tester Badge for using this forum.


Thanks for the great work !
and Congrats ofcourse.


I can’t see users badge, how is that?


Aha! We have to click on a user to see their badges. I liked the old way better.


Apparently with the new forum you can not see the badges directly from the forum post.You need to access their forum profile in order to see the badges.


Thanks. Yeah, you are right.


Well done guys :slight_smile: it all looks great !


Nice work guys, we really love it.


This new forum is a great improvement, after using it for a few hours I already like it very much! Well done :+1:


Thank for all the hard work!


Now that I’ve gotten a bit more used to the new forums, they seem actually pretty nice. Thank you!


Omg I am lost Where Am I?