The number of visitor is very low

I have an item in codecanyou

I was uploaded it on 8th September but the number of visitor is very low it is more than 2 week gone but still 1000 people does not see it and have got just 1 sale. What to do?How can it increase the number of sale and visitor?


Be happy that at least you got 1 sales in the same month you launched.

i got my plugin sold only after 2 months in cc and i also have a plugin which is still have 0 sales :stuck_out_tongue:

cool :slight_smile: then I must wait and will upload a new object there

Keep uploading more plugins. In the market (in general), some will will sell very well, most will not sell much at all. Depends on what customers need and want, and whether the plugin is worth buying to them. :slight_smile:

If you keep thinking up creative plugin ideas, and try to find things that people want or need, you could end up getting great sales.

Thanks. I also thinking the same, one may not get the successes but if I have 10 item and all of them get 2 sale avg then it will be 20 in total. I think it may be the right line of the business here

Yes Thats right :slight_smile:

@techiehut is correct…

just keep uploading.

All the best for your sales.

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