The newspaper theme loads too slowly

Hello. The newspaper theme loads too slowly even though I reduce the images, I simplified the homepage and I lightened the articles as much as possible. Is there anything to do? Thanks for your help.

Where are you hosting it?

Are you using other plugins?

Have you cleared your cache?

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Hi, the server is Italian:, we have about twenty essential plugins and we keep the cache always updated. The question is if the theme is “heavy” and if there is some configuration to lighten the load. For example, choosing a configuration with the relevant templates, wouldn’t it be possible to delete the unused css from the editor?

Newspaper type themes will inherently big bigger than some other sand yes, if you know what you are doing then you could definitely minify/remove unnecessary html or CSS but 20 plugins(essential or not) is definitely going to have a significant impact regardless of the theme esp. if the hosting is shared.