The new support rules are driving me crazy

I’ve paid for plugins and themes which I will use at some point, and am now at the point where I’m ready to use them, but am finding that the 6 month support has just ran out so the author will not help.

I understand that authors cannot be expected to provide unlimited support, but when the purchase was made, this was before the 6 month rule came into force, so I made the purchase expecting to be able to ask for help when I finally came to use it.

When Woothemes & Gravity Forms made changes from lifetime to annual, they respected the users that had made the purchase before this date, as that was what had been advertised. There was no mention of this in the terms and conditions, so by rights, i should be able to request a refund due to what I paid for no longer being available.

I always check that the author supports the product before making a purchase for just this reason and this, unfortunately, means that Code Canyon/Theme Forest is no longer my first port of call, which it always was in the past.

The changes make no impact on purchases made prior to September last year.

If you bought it with ‘lifetime support’ then that still stands. You just need to be aware that:

  1. those claims were only ever between authors and buyers

  2. it was/is not enforceable by envato (like the new support service).

  3. this ‘lifetime support’ could/still can be retracted or the file completely removed as and when the author wanted, as per previous T&Cs.

If (like most) authors they are honoring their original policy on older files then you will have no issues.

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Unfortunately, the support system for the theme won’t send the message once the support is out of date. It means that because I am having trouble I now have to look elsewhere for a different theme, as $19.20 is a lot to ask a couple of questions.

Have you tried contacting the author directly with your questions and p/code?

I tried that, but no answer. I’m getting various errors in the theme and will have to give up on it. This is exactly the reason I check that support is provided before making a purchase. Of course, it won’t be an Envato author that gets my money this time, which is a shame as I’ve always liked to support the smaller people.