The new Google Sans font

I really like the new Google Sans font and I’ve seen it used on Google documentation pages and on the new Gmail.

Here’s a sample:

Is there a public license for this font? I couldn’t find anything online. I am interested in using it on a website.

UPDATE: I have found the non-license and more details.

Google Fonts are Open Source typefaces, and you can view all of their licenses here: Google Fonts - Attribution

I’m talking about Google Sans, which is used on their product pages, but it’s not available on the Google Fonts website.

Yep! It looks great and I totally want to use it along with their other new font (Product Sans), but they haven’t released them as far as I know! :confused:

Would a ThemeForest theme be rejected if it used Google Sans? The original .ttf and .woff/.woff2 files would be included in the theme’s source.

I’m not an expert in that area, but you will need rights to use a font in your theme. Unless you can find a license for these fonts which lets you use them, you should assume they are reserved for use by Google only.

I’m still researching and trying to find a license or any available usage terms. Thanks.