The new discount option works weird.

The new discount option works weirdly:
The product (sound) for which I made a discount was worth 4, gained a price of 1. Pokuatel acquired a “reusable license”, but it cost him $ 12.
Doesn’t the discount apply to all types of licenses?

another case:
The logo, which cost 6, was discounted to 3 and was purchased. But, I received 1 dollar, from which the site took its share (+ taxes) and I got “crumbs”.

It all incomprehensibly works. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with this new tool, which will allow us to understand the real price of some types of goods.

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Hello! In fact, there is a calculator in the lower right and you can calculate how much you will earn( “How much of this will I earn?” blue text). As I see this tool allows you to make a discount on only a standard license. But still, I think this is a very useful innovation!


I agree! Thank you so much!