The name of a famous person in the item title and description.

There are several Codecanyon items that use the name “Ken Burns”. I also plan to use this name in the title, description and tags of the future product. But, as far as I know, even Steve Jobs contacted Burns to obtain his permission to use the term “Ken Burns Effect” for Apple’s software.
Is it legal to use the names of famous people in titles, descriptions, tags, etc? Are there any rules or restrictions on this?

Hello! I think it depends of the people and what you want to represent with that, also if the name is a trademark or not. But on this article, CodeCanyon says that you should include only English words:
What do to:

  • Your title must be no more than 100 characters including spaces.
  • Your title must include English characters only.
  • Format your title in Title Case - Capitalize the first and last words, all principal words and any words longer than 3 letters.
  • Your title is the first thing a potential buyer sees, so it’s important to be informative, concise and professional. Include the most relevant information only. A title made up of vague advertising buzzwords is less effective than one that is clear and descriptive.