The most ludicrous review I have ever seen


Hey guys, I have just seen this review I have received for my item called ‘FCP Logo Lower Thirds’, not only is the software its for mentioned as the first word in the title but the first line in the description reads as follows:

•24 fully customisable lower third generators for your use in Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion.

At no point does it mention this project is for Adobe Premier and it is filed under Apple Motion. My item has now got 5 reviews and lists as a four star project which will certainly hurt my sales. Surely there must be something I can do about a completely unjustified review like this? I haven’t yet responded to the user as I wanted to consult my options here first. With such an aggressive upfront review I thought this would be best. Really hoping for some feedback on this one.

Thanks in advance!


Looks like the customer purchased the item in error. It can happen!

You can provide the refund the customer is requesting and the rating will be removed.


Hey there Matthew thanks so much for the reply! how do I do this as a videohive author though, as far as I remember author controlled refunds were only permitted for themeforest authors? I understand these errors can happen, but to post a 1 star review when the item is clearly marked out in the description and the name as a Final Cut Pro item is hugely frustrating as an author.



You’re absolutely right. You can’t do this as a videohive author as the author refunds has only been rolled out to ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. I strongly suspect that if you bring this one up with the help team, they will look at the issue. I might run and have a quick chat with them now…


Ran downstairs but the Help folks have gone home (Friday 5pm in Melbourne) but I’ve made a note to have a chat with the help team about this one on Monday morning :slight_smile:


Awesome Matthew, I have emailed them about this, but would really appreciate that. Thanks so much for your speedy responses here :smiley:


Hey Matthew,

Have had little luck sorting this out with support so far, sorry to bug you with this but is there any way you can help me fast track the refund?



Hey Matthew, so support has replied and told me they can only process a refund if the purchasing user requests it. I responded to the user on Friday how to do so, but they have not responded and I have no power and cannot assume whether they will follow correct procedure now.

I don’t see how this should affect removal of the review though. In Envato’s rating and review removal policy it states:

Ratings and reviews that aren’t about the item or author but that focus purely on someone else (us, for example!). “Item” here refers to all aspects of the item including but not limited to its perceived value, listing, documentation, etc. as well as any support services provided for that item even if the item was sold as “unsupported”, the services were provided outside a valid support period or the services were above and beyond those set out in the Item Support Policy.

This review has nothing to do about the item or myself, it is an aggressive way to get a refund following a poor decision to purchase an item after it was clearly labelled for incorrect software, without following the correct procedure. I have assisted by communicating with the author the correct method to attain the refund but have no power over what he does now.

I’m really very disappointed about this, the review clearly qualifies as a review that Envato can remove based on the article you sent me How can I get it removed?

Thanks so much, I do really appreciate your support,


Heya @vystina,

Currently talking about this with the Help team.

Sorry for the delay!

  • Matt


Matt! No worries, Riqi from help support has been able to sort this out for me. Hugely grateful to the support from Envato :slight_smile: