The mockups I send are being rejected

Hello, all of the mockups I have sent recently have been rejected. He says it does not meet the quality standard by category as the reason for rejection. However, I saw a lot of low quality products in the same category. Moreover, in that category, the number of mockups of the product I sent is very low. So the product was probably not rejected because it was too much. I don’t think there is a problem with quality, but I would like you to check it out anyway. I will be glad if you help me.

hi i think that the possible reason may be that the shadows are not all looking accurate enough and good looking enough in some screenshots and that the contrast between the product and the background is not big enough, which is not valuing the product as much as u could have been expecting to do …

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Your mockup needs allot more work. The spaghetti looks fake. This is how spaghetti inside the box should looks like. Use rigid body simulation inside your 3d software in order to randomly place the spaghetti inside the box. You can improve the scene light by adding a HDRI light map and also you can add more details on the box.