The minimum quality requirements. Isn't it a fake reason for item rejection.

When your item gets rejected for this reason and it asks you to familiarize yourself with the current library and quality levels.

OK. How does it feel when you check the library and find items already approved with errors.
Here is an example for an item checked using Google Chrome Version 47.0.2526.106 m


How does this item with errors and such loading speed could be approved ?
Does it mean that these errors and such loading speed aren’t included in “The minimum quality requirements” !!??

I have to hide the demo link. Because i don’t have any problems with the author. But i can freely share it with moderators if they asked.

cast_sender.js has nothing to do with the plugin or WP theme you are checking. That is an error that Youtube embedded videos return.

Yes i know about this. There are other things.
By the way It’s not a WordPress theme.