The mini - player overlaps the avatar.

Avatar has a small the size of the. there is no possibility to make the “player” was under the picture?

Hey @FoxHorn! It’s just one of those things that’s always been that way I’m afraid. I imagine it saves a little bit of space/real estate when scrolling through the library. Every pixel counts, right? :slight_smile:

Most authors either don’t worry about it or just take the mini player into consideration when designing their thumbnails. i.e. they might consider leaving a space at the bottom of the thumbnail to accommodate the mini player.

I was given a size of 80x80. Show me at least 1 service where the avatar overlaps with design elements of the service…

I know why the player is in this area. But it does not give an advantage, but only irritates customers…

I noticed this as well. I actually changed my thumbnail so the logo only occupies the top 2/3rds of the 80 x 80. It looks much better now.