The maximum Delay for Review Queue?


Besides the Review Queue Monitors, please post here the maximum delay time for the review queue of your experience. (Might be helpful for someone that impatient like me :slight_smile: )
Thank you.


As i remember i was waiting last few months or so about 12 days on Audiojungle.
At this moment i’m still waiting 6 days on Videohive in Apple motion category and probably i will wait till monday (8) days.


i might be little bit impatient since i am new here (currently passing 5th day for my AE template)


Maybe reviewers are on vacation. It’s up to 7 days.


I’m going on 16 days waiting right now, and I know of someone else whose been waiting 17 days.


I think the review process for videos is slower than the others


Approved on the 5th day. My very first Videohive Project. Please checkout, need some feedback.


Much better preview video!


Why these big delays?! I don’t know if this temporary cases or it will become like this forever!!

I have item since 9 days in review queue! Is there any clearance for the reasons?


10 day before I had submitted a template .So they today rejected .I think It may up to 10 days to review.


8 days passed and I lose my motivation!! it’s too long…


Videohive (Stock Footage and After Effects categories) and Audiojungle (just submitted)


I think 23 days was the longest for stock footage and motion graphics. Could be longer, I’m not sure.


I am waiting 6 days till now for psd template :wink: