The Lucky One

Sorry for rising such a topic, but todays morning was quite surprise for me.
I am really happy for the one who made his second featured file in one year, and this item is great for sure, but… Is it really ok to boost with such a rare opportunity the one single author, while we have 52 slots for hundreds authors who are also great? And more over is it fair for the rest of community? The impression made and looks like envato cares about some authors, the rest are in trash bin. I am not talking about myself since I work in niche genre, which is definetly not suitable for home page, but come on :stuck_out_tongue:


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm :joy:


As i heard featured file can be given 1 time only. Am i correct? If someone have featured file second time this is unfair!!!

what I care is the effect of being featured :smiley:
then I will care about being featured :stuck_out_tongue:

effect is always obvious even if you have few additional sales on featured file it’s worth it. No One can guarantee you become best seller but still opportunity always is.

And who is this lucky one?

Wow … twice in a year? Must be a superman. From which planet? I want to go there and get some motivational inspiring corporate ukulele insights :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(No, I am not jealous of course. Just impressed)

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hahaha awesome quote @EightBallAudio :slight_smile:

LOL, this is the quote of the year!! :joy:

you never know they could or maybe ghost accounts connected with Envato. in short i believe they sell products they produce and push them ahead of real authors. seen some strange going’s on, couple that with the way they treat authors with such contempt. who knows, i know one thing very greedy but the sheep just keep there head down and continue to be used

And who is this lucky one?

This is at once inane, insane, inaccurate, and arrogant.