The Long & Winding Elite :)



Huge congrats mate!! :muscle:

I’m really glad that you are making the music you love. This is very important for us as human beings as we are not just stock music robots (however some seem to be ok with being one) :blush:

Heard some of your jazz tunes and they are really cool I gotta say!
Hope you get to the next paw really soon!


Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story :slight_smile:


Cool Love this story makes me more optimistic Thank you


This is great! Thank you for sharing your story EightBall, you have the best Jazz catalogue that I’ve heard on AJ. Much deserved. Congratulations to you.


Congrats. mate. I have a similar story. For the first 3 months on AJ - 4 sales)
then corporates and cinematics, and later only jazz. Conclusion - write what the soul is. :wink:
Long grow and live 8ball!
P.S: So where’s sax tracks???


There are a few…Like this one


Congrats Eight ball… From a fellow jazz player… =)