The links on the description are not formatted.

hi to all someone would know how to help me, I have always uploaded in this way and recently I was told this

Hi !

If this is for a pack,
You can find all the information about the right format here :slight_smile:

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guys I don’t understand how to get links renamed like this, man, can someone help me

mine are the ones above, but I would like them like those below

Schermata 2020-09-30 alle 22.25.57

<ahref=“”>NAME; Duration

Put a space between the first “a” and the “h”.

I’m not understanding, referring for example to the first photo, it was accepted but the links remained like this, why ???

oki maybe i succeeded the problem is that now when i save changes the links don’t work anymore

Sorry, but i dont understand you too well then.
i assume this is for a pack, no?
But i dont see any pack recently approved in your portfolio, to try to help you.
Is this for a pack for upload or queued?

Send me the link by PM and will try to help you.

Schermata 2020-09-30 alle 22.54.43

I only loaded two packs, this one had a slight rejection. but now the links don’t work