the license is invalid when I try to reactivate the lisense

Hi there,
Hope you are well. I purchased Flone Theme back in 2019 and installed it on, however, I don’t use this website anymore and the domain has been canceled. Today, I tried to use the Flone theme on my new domain but failed to validate the license. Wondering if is it possible to get another ‘item purchase code’ so I can continue to use the Flone theme on my new domain? thanks, the previous item id: 23529898

It’s not possible to get new purchase codes

While some authors allow it, technically licenses can’t be moved between end projects once used.

Either way only the author can deregister the existing purchase code so you will need to contact them.

You have already used the license on one “end product” and it’s time to re-purchase the theme if you’d like to keep using it on a different project.

Some authors are OK to change the domain within some specific time ( for example, 6 months, while you still have the support ) but it’s been long time for you. The author may ask you to purchase the support instead - you’d end up paying for the same amount ( almost ).