The item downloaded is not the same shown in the preview

Hello, I have bought an item, but after downloading,
I realized that it is not the same item shown in the preview.
It 'a another different.
How can I have the item shown in the preview?
(Of course I would a discount, because what I bought was not what I wanted ;-).

Is it completely different or just no exactly identical to the demo? What type of file was it?

It’s has a wrong description.
The description is about 3 clips with alpha, the one that I have downloaded is some AE projects with a different style.

I haven’t seen the item but the author may have included the AE project as a bonus with the clips so that you could make some customizations to the clips if you needed to.

Have you contacted the author?

No they are different projects. One some stars made with particular used as orizontal wipe transition, the other graphic stars and gifts boxes that fall as a vertical wipe transition. I will contact the author, but it’s 8€, I don’t think to ask for being refounded :wink: