The indexing bug strikes again...

Hey community,

So my latest track got approved during the night. I looked for it in the Hard-Rock category, but it was nowhere to be found. I went to my portfolio and it does not show up there when logged out (though I can see it when logged in).

I know what this is. It’s happened countless times before. I know it’s going to resolve itself within 24 hours, and I know that by then, my track will be buried with no views and thus be ranked even lower by the search algorithm. Basically it’ll be good as dead. Why am I being penalized because of an issue for which Envato is solely responsible?

This is a known and recurrent bug that has affected many of us over time. And yet, we never got any acknowledgment from staff. There needs to be a process to compensate affected tracks so they can have a fair chance.

Those of you who had tracks recently approved, should check if they are indeed indexed, as it’s unlikely I am the only one affected.

Interesting phenomenon you have observed! This eliminate all chances for new tracks.

So I found a way to fix it. I added a tag and updated my item. Once the update was approved, the item got indexed. So it’s all good now.

Still I lost around 6 hours of exposures and am now on page 3… :angry: