The importance of #TAGS

Hello, I focus my attention on #TAGS descriptions for my products, i decide to use a standard procedure for tags: We can use 30 tags maximun: I divided this in:*

—> 25 standard tags (words used mostly like, social media, template, etc…)
—> 1 tag for color used in the submited item
—> 4 tags refer to content of the submited item

After this step I search for each of my 25 standart tags, how many items are submitted in evanto market (graphicriver), for example:

  • the maxim submited tag: —> design (263,932 items)
  • the minim submited tag: —> free (1,974 items)

Based on this i have some questions:

—> Its better to use tags with maxim or minim submited?
—> Are more relevant tags words or title of item for SEO?
—> Exist some evanto tuts for tags in special?

Thank you very much !

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