the import of page dosen`t work


I do all the step to import and fix my cpanel. I see all the file demo and the import is ok but the file is a .zip and I think that the plugin of import dosen`t work very well.

could you help about this?.



Hi @ariel27,

Welcome to the forums! Are you sure you are following all the provided instructions? You may need to extract the “zip” file to be able to import it’s contents to your website.



Hi Luca:

I perform that operation, I go to the cpanel of the hosting and I see the zip file in the demos folder,
this test I did on my localhost computer and if I can import but in the hosting I can not unpack the folder.
the plugin will import if it allows me to download in manual mode but the operation is not done in the hosting to unpack it.
if you give me a help with this.



Hi @ariel27,

I’m sorry for delayed response, somehow I was not notified about your answer :slight_smile:

The demo uploading procedure will vary, but in general you don’t need to upload any files with cPanel. They either are already in a correct place inside folder directory structure, or your theme came with some additional plugins that will do the uploading thing for you, you just need to point to a correct file on your computer. Unfortunately I can’t give you more accurate answer, as this all depends on particular theme and this is where theme manual comes in handy. You could also contact the author of purchased theme for additional support.