The image in description is not updating.


I can’t update image on my description page. When I upload new presentation image on server, it doesn’t change on ThemeForest -

Any thoughts about that?

Hi there,

If you want to change an old image from your item description, you’ll need to change the name of the image, otherwise the old one will be used. This was mentioned a few weeks ago.

Cheers :slight_smile:

It means that every time when I want to update image I have to give new file name for it? What if someone have 100 items and wants to update new testimonials, he needs to do it manually for all 100 items?

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It doesn’t have a cache expiration time?

I agree with @DeoThemes, changing hundreds of items 1 by 1 takes a lot of time…

Looks like new idea for the plugin or script that you can sell after on CodeCanyon :slight_smile:

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@DeoThemes hahahah you have a good business mindset! :slight_smile: totally agree!

Please send a mail to Envato support and ask them to clear the cache for your image.

@SmartWPress thank you very much! :wink: