The Grid: An unknown API error occurred


After updating our The Grid plugin, it is no longer registered. I have tried to enter our Envato API token, but get the error message “An unknown API error occurred from Envato”.

As suggested by this forum post and the plugin FAQ, i’ve tried to generate a new token to the specifications required. I’ve also tried waiting multiple days and trying again, as well as generating tokens with extra permissions.

I keep getting the “An unknown API error occurred from Envato” error message.

Furthermore, when i try to create a support ticket on the support site, I am asked to verify my purchase of The Grid using Envato. When I click the button to do so, I am redirected to the api.envato site and then back to the front page of the themeone support site.

I don’t know what to do - our custom skins are important for the projects page on our website. Can you help me with this?

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Having the same issue, and struggling to resolve this.