The Grand Tour (Theme) - Looking for a track with similar feel.

I’m not looking to hire for a custom work - I’m not flush enough for that, haha - but if anyone is aware of or has produced a track that has a similar feel to the opening music for The Grand Tour I’d be very thankful to be pointed in the right direction to purchase it.

If you haven’t seen the show, here’s what it sounds like:

I’m not looking for a track with the sound effects or anything like that, but something that opens slowly with either guitar slides or harmonica glissandos (or both!) with a bluesy feel that then explodes into an energetic, fun, and driving melody. Definitely not looking for something that sounds corporate or “safe” - I’m going for actual fun.

Here are a couple tracks that I feel come close to what I want:✓&sort_by=average_rating&type_id=6414371
The top two on the list, sorted by “Best” are the main contenders currently.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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Hi friend,
Your wanted track sound very good. I have couple tracks here.

  1. Energetic, fun, happy, playful, upbeat.
  2. Bluesy, funky, dance
  3. Energetic, rock and roll, happy, dance.

Thank you.

This is the closest thing I could find:

Or I would go with first track on your list (Rock), that’s pretty close.
Good luck!

Hi, Adahop!

Take a look at this